We make "feathers fly"

At the British International School of Houston (BISH)

2203 N. Westgreen Blvd., Katy TX 77449  


Our band of 5 self-proclaimed badminton aficionados ensure this idea of playing badminton at least once a week in the Katy area remains a reality by running this recreational sporting club “Katy Badminton Club”. We rent dedicated badminton courts at the British International School of Houston (BISH), of which there are eight (8) well lit courts housed in a high ceiling facility with impact resistant (read: kind to your knees) flooring.

Although we huff and puff to make it through a 2 hour session of what we consider intense badminton, we are passionate enough to host this group for like minded badminton enthusiasts in the greater Houston area. As we start to get better (marginally) we agreed to hire a coach to teach the future generation this wonderful sporting activity.

If you are interested in the badminton we would like to invite you to stop by and learn about this sport as a drop-in guest. 

Most photography provided by Vasu Sampath



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