Drop-in Guest

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Drop-in Guest


You will need to complete a waiver before you play.

There are up to 8 courts and all levels of play are available including singles and doubles. Singles is permissible only when courts are available.

Please Note: This purchase will expire within 7 calendar days.

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Pay through Zelle 346-333-6530

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Please do not purchase the drop-in guest option more than 7 days prior to using the service as this option is only valid for 7 days.

There are no refunds or make-up dates for individuals who are unable to play within 7 days of purchasing the drop-in guest option.

The number of people in any play day is variable and depends on people’s schedules and cannot be predicted ahead of time.

If there is a full roster of people playing that day, then drop-in’s will need to wait to play.

Please bring your own rackets and shuttlecocks (feather, not plastic) and wear non-marking court shoes.

Katy Badminton Club bulk orders feather shuttles, please let us know if you WANT to buy a tube.